Gratitude for the soul – 2018

I know it might seem late now that the month of January has almost come to an end. But this had to be done. Gratitude motivates me to stretch for all the things I couldn’t do and for all the things that I want to be better at in the coming months.

  • Mother – My mother was sick for quite a while and it took her more than a year to recover from the illness. With her low and high points, I can plot a graph for my growth – both mental and physical. I have learned to accept those lows with the same momentum as the highs and it feels so much lighter now.
  • Books/Reading – I have read some amazing books and discovered equally amazing poets. I was not a huge poetry person but with the right kind of poetry and exposure, I have rediscovered myself. I never grew up buying books for myself. I’ve always borrowed books from school/college library and friends. Ever since I started working, I, along with my generous brother/sister-in-law and friends was able to build a mini bookshelf for myself. It was my childhood dream to have one and I think I’ve almost achieved it. I haven’t stopped borrowing books but few editions just need a place at my home. Speaking of books, I cannot be more thankful for my Kindle. It’s literally so tiny and lightweight. I understand the love for reading from a physical copy, I’ve been there. But my Kindle can store 50K books at a time and if you love reading you will not find the transition difficult.
  • Also, in 2018, I practised annotating my books and religiously reviewing most of them. I am grateful for everyone who shared their books with me and I did the same. I shared my books with two friends who weren’t consistent with reading and look at them now! They not only managed to read them but also discussed the books with me, kept track of the new words they liked while reading. This is beyond happiness.
  • Health & Fitness – I am not the fittest, it’s a journey and I have just begun. I try my best to exercise and eat right. My mantra is: An apple (also almonds/walnuts/raisins/milk) a day keeps the doctor away. I ran three marathons in 2018. You don’t have to run a marathon but if that pushes you to go for a run then you must sign up for it right away.
  • New Workplace – I simply planned and prepared. Most of it worked out and I am grateful for whatever I achieved by the end of it. It was a process of getting out of the comfort zone and welcoming change with open arms.
  • Travel – A surreal trip to Kashmir with my family was all that I needed to get a break from the Mumbai heat and the mundane bit of my life. There were also some weekend getaways that made my Mondays happier.
  • Learning Curve –  I can never stop learning, studying or giving exams. I appeared for a certification exam, explored different technologies and tried my hands on it. So much for being a geek and loving my field of work? YES.
  • Social Interaction – I like to call myself a fake extrovert. A person who can reach out to anyone as long as there is an agenda or purpose to achieve out of it but not for “being social”. However, by the end of 2018, I connected with new people outside of my work team and old friends. I managed to do the small talk thing and not be my usual introverted self. Some talks converted to long conversations/potential friendships and some didn’t. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • Toastmasters’ Club – Speaking of small talk, I joined a corporate Toastmasters’ club and it was one of the best decisions of 2018. It’s a place where I met like-minded people doing what they love and how! I managed to complete the first level of the said curriculum, I tried to be funny and discovered that I thrive on self-deprecating humour.  Also, I messed up multiple speeches and each time I learned how to be better at it.
  • Morning Person – My father always wanted and adviced me to become one. Except for some lazy days, I think I am quite there.
  • Swimming – I finally dragged my lazy, reluctant, fear-driven body to the pool and with some coaching, I can swim now.
  • NaNoWriMo – I wanted to attempt it since the last three 

    years and every year I found a new reason to not do it. I did not complete the challenge but I attempted it and there’s more to look forward to in this year.

This is me in all glory typing away frivolously on my laptop. As you can tell, I love challenges and should you choose to attempt one visit Dawn to get the complete rules.

I wrote a similar gratitude post in 2016, you can read it here.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude for the soul – 2018

  1. It’s never to late for gratitude; I’m so glad you decided to join this year and add your name the list of bloggers participating in 2018 Attitude of Gratitude. I love reading the lists, and meeting new bloggers thru’ this event; every year is special! Three marathons in 2018–– that’s amazing!! I don’t think you qualify as “lazy,” unless there’s a different definition in India? 😉 Thanks os much for participating; I’ll add your name to my post. If you have trouble adding your link to to the InLinkz on my page, please let me know.

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